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31 January 2021

What is the difference between Kraft and Testliner Cardboard (Paperboard) ? – Purchasing Guide

Kraftliner and Testliner Cardboard ( Paperboard ) are the synonyms ?

” Kraftliner and Testliner Cardboards are not the same ! “

As a purchaser you can supply too many dfferent products and also there could be too many techncal terms and detals for each product. As Larton we are producing paper based products such as Sheet CardboardsEdge Protectors , Metallized CardboardSlitting Size Grayboard generally our products fnd applcaton area for stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors. In purchasng gude artcle seres we try to gve nformaton for most common questons from potential buyers.

In purchasing guide article series we try to give informaton for most common questions from potental buyers.

In purchasing guide article series we try to give informaton for most common questions from potental buyers.The definitions for kraftliner and testliner should have been labeled Kraft Cardboard (Paperboard) and Recycled Cardboard  (Paperboard). These are the classifications you will find in all AF&PA data bases and reports. The terms kraftliner and testliner are used in the export market.  ( source )

What Is Kraft Cardboard (Paperboard) ?

Kraft is defined as “paper or paperboard whose fiber content has no less than 80% fibers obtained by the chemical sulfate or soda processes”. Note that there is no mention of recycled or virgin fibers . Similarly, semichemical fluting paper is defined as containing no less than 65% unbleached hardwood fibers obtained by a semichemical pulping process. Again, there is no mention of recycle or virgin. Clearly, these definitions were developed to exclude mechanical or chemi- mechanical pulps.These definitions are a part of the International Harmonized system.

What Is Testliner Cardboard (Paperboard) ?

The term testliner appears to be used in the Pacific Rim and refers to papers of different bursting strengths. Because some grades of testliner have lower burst factors than experienced with Rule 41 compliant boards due to their containing high amounts of recycled fibers, the lower grades of testliner have come to be associated with recycled fibers. In fact, some Pacific Rim customers don’t even bother to test for burst. They look at a sheet, and if contaminants are visible on the surface, the board is immediately judged to be testliner!
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