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While making customized production for the customer, Larton aims to deliver the product as soon as possible without making the customer wait. Because Larton provides professional service in every sense and Larton employees consist of a professional staff who can manage time effectively.

Larton and Sun-Ka brands have been operating in the paper and packaging industry for many years, offering a wide range of products and customized packaging solutions. Today, Larton serves in many carton product categories, from cardboard to kraft angle board, from metallized carton to corrugated gray carton.Exporting to Middle Eastern countries, Balkan countries, African countries and Arab countries, especially to European countries around the world, Larton works within the framework of certain values. These values are:
  • Employee safety, customer satisfaction and nature sensitivity,
  • To communicate with business partners on a conditional basis of trust and respect,
  • To present quality to its customers with an affordable price policy,
  • To always be honest, transparent and fair

Recycling Economy

Larton stands by its customers and stakeholders in every aspect from production to distribution. It does not forget the interests of the society in which it lives, with the philosophy of “re-living” and using recyclable products while considering the benefit of the society.Larton cares about good communication from the beginning to the end of the process in order to provide the best service to its customers with its technical sales team and all of its nearly 200 employees.

Production in special numbers and sizes

Another characteristic of Larton that is supportive of its customers is to produce in customer-specific numbers and sizes.Larton’s greatest effort is to gain, increase and maintain customer satisfaction. For this reason, with its customer-oriented approach, it always continues its success by reflecting the needs of the sector and customer expectations to its products and services in every sense.Larton, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the paper-based packaging industry, tries to offer the best and most suitable solution to its customers in its wide product range. For this reason, it produces customer-specific products.Depending on the wishes or needs of the customers, the products they will use may differ. Being aware of this, Larton has found the solution in making the work of its customers easier. In Larton, it is possible to produce in the sizes and numbers you request in cardboard, kraft angle board, metallized cardboard and corrugated gray carton categories.

Our product catalog can guide you in your choices by providing information about Larton’s product range and technical features of the products. You can create your product request immediately by filling out the form in the contact section. You can also get free samples and request product documentation from us by contacting our technical sales team.