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The Ultimate Protective Packaging Guide


Protective packaging is designed to keep goods fresh and durable for longer periods of time. It also helps prevent contamination and spoilage. This guide will teach you how to choose the best type of packaging for your needs. In this article, we will go through different aspects of packaging. We will discuss how packaging is used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, industrial goods, etc., and what are some of the needs of these sectors when it comes to packaging.

Protective packaging is desired for all sectors, isn’t it?


The need for protective packaging is not limited to just one sector. It’s a necessity for all sectors, from food to pharmaceuticals.

Packaging is the most important factor in the safety of a product. It plays an important role in protecting products from physical and environmental hazards, like light, temperature, humidity and water.

Protective Packaging Solutions Specific to Your Business by Larton 

Since demands and expectations of every sector may differ, specific protective packaging options are needed. Therefore, there is a great challenge to satisfy the various protective packaging needs.

Larton, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the paper-based packaging industry, tries to offer the best and most suitable solution to its customers in its wide product range. For this reason, it produces customer-specific products. Depending on the wishes or needs of the customers, the products they will use may differ. Being aware of this, Larton has found the solution in making the work of its customers easier. In Larton, it is possible to produce in the sizes and numbers you request in cardboard, kraft angle board, metallized cardboard and corrugated gray carton categories.

Larton Cardboards and Angle Boards used in various sectors. You may see Larton’s Cardboards and Angle Boards in the correct packaging of consumer goods in all areas of life. Larton packaging solutions:

  • offer protection to the product
  • add value to the product
  • facilitate differentiation

Larton Products in Different Business Sectors


  • Electronics
  • Furniture 
  • Household Items 
  • Ceramic & Glass Goods 
  • Textile & Shoes 

Also one of the biggest sector using Larton’s packaging solution is Food & Beverage: 

Larton also offer solutions for Trade & Industrial

  • Transportation Packages
  • Industrial Packages
  • Automotive
  • Logistics & Delivery
protective packaging

Even e-commerce sector is utilized by Larton packaging solutions.

 To sum up, packaging is a crucial component of a product’s life cycle that must be carefully considered. Packaging is an important part of the product and should be designed to satisfy the customer’s needs. It should also protect the product from any potential damage. In addition to customers, Larton also considers society and offers environment-friendly protective packaging solutions.

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