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Discover our expertise in different markets.

Durable Goods

The correct packaging of consumer goods in all areas of life is very important for the protection of the product and its marketing in the next step. Packaging is one of the elements that adds value to the product, protects the product at the sales stage and ensures its differentiation by ensuring that it is presented correctly.

Larton makes your work easier with its production and customer-oriented solutions without compromising quality.


In addition to their high costs, your products reach you safely thanks to Larton products, which are produced to protect sensitive and fragile electronic products from external factors until they reach their end-user, and which have been subjected to many tests for their adequacy in this regard.


Packaging is one of the most important issues for the furniture industry, which has a large share in the production and transportation market. Furniture packaged with Larton products, whose durability has been increased due to the large size and weight of the furniture products, is under protection from intra-factory logistics until it reaches the end user. Larton aims to keep this protection at the highest level with the products it has developed specifically for the sectors.


Offering packaging products to protect our household appliances, which vary in size and weight and form important parts of our living space, to ensure safe transportation, Larton is preferred for its functionality and aesthetic details as well as products that will adapt to difficult shipping conditions.


Larton products aim to reduce possible risks by predicting possible accidents during the transportation and stacking process. While making your work easier with maximum protection, it reduces your cost to a minimum.


The requirements of the market, which needs different packaging solutions due to its product diversity, are met by Larton, which makes special production in line with the demands of its customers.

Food & Beverages

The period we live in has caused radical changes in our consumption behaviors. Our eating habits gained more meaning in our lives and even started to play a decisive role in our identity. The characteristics of the packaging material used were the determining factor in order for the brand to convey the message it wants to transmit to the consumer. Larton products, produced using advanced technology, offer different solutions for the food industry and the presentation of products in order to carry your strategic positioning in the market to the top.


Decorative materials used for applications such as market promotion shelves, advertising stands, etc., which will place your products in the attention circle of the consumer, have an important place in the field of sales and marketing. Larton offers special solutions for these materials to be as robust and useful as they are flamboyant.


For the consumer, who has difficulty in choosing between endless options, usability comes beyond packaging design. The quality and reliability of the packaging come to the fore, especially considering the difficulties experienced during the transportation of beverages. Larton offers effective solutions in building this trust with its products.


Larton offers special packaging solutions for the products that require maximum performance due to their storage conditions. With cardboard types resistant to low temperatures and humidity, it facilitates the work of the producer and ensures that the product reaches the consumer safely.


For this sector, where the choice and purchase decision is made instantly and presentation is as important as taste, it is important that the packaging material is as healthy as its design and quality. Larton cardboard types, suitable for retail or wholesale packaging, add value to your brand with their reliable solutions.


You can make your job easier by using Larton solutions for the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables that reach the consumer as a result of long journeys, by completing this journey without any damage. You will also experience the happiness of investing in the future by protecting the nature with Larton's 100% recyclable products.

Trade & Industrial

For a sustainable world, we must make much more careful and rational choices and invest in the future by protecting the present. Larton offers solutions that we can change our habits in industrial areas and use instead of wood, metal or plastic with its environmentalist approach that it adopts in principle.


Suitable solutions for the transportation of all kinds of products with excellent protection are available in Larton's wide product range. Special production can be made according to customer requirements with different length, shape and size options.


Our products, which provide protection during the transportation and storage of all kinds of products, are specially designed for your business with different sizes, shapes, textures and patterns. Larton ensures that your products are safe with its experience, while providing solutions that meet the requirements of your business.


Meeting the special needs of the industry in terms of auto parts, spare parts and innovative packaging solutions for mass production, Larton provides full protection in all processes from production to final delivery.


Different products require different solutions; knowing the difficulties of the logistics industry and producing specific solutions to these problems, Larton makes the storage and transportation stages safer. With the products specially developed for vertical, horizontal and edge protection, possible problems are eliminated and it is aimed to protect the product from external factors.

& Distribution

While the pandemic process that the whole world had to face at the same time changed many of our habits, it also caused some sectors to grow unexpectedly fast. The packaging solutions required for e-commerce, which is at the forefront of these sectors, were also a determining factor in the selection phase. Because it is one of the most important issues that the product purchased online is delivered to the consumer safely and without any damage. Larton also serves its customers in this field with its eco-friendly solutions


With the change in our shopping habits, the need for speed has become a factor in the packaging industry as well as in every other field. In addition to fast production, Larton adds value to your business with packaging solutions with high protective properties that must be produced in accordance with fast transportation conditions.


The point that the online retailing industry has reached has once again brought to light the importance of packaging solutions. Offering different solutions for different needs in order to meet customer demands, Larton is preferred with its 100% recyclable products.