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28 March 2021

Pallet Edge/Corner Protectors – Application Guide

Pallet Edge / Corner Protectors

Pallet Edge / Corner Protectors used for protective packaging material when palletizing the products.

Before dive into details let’s have look for protective packaging.

Protective Packaging ( Definition ):  Protective packaging solutions are to prevent all kind of products from such any damages as impact, pressing, overturning, tilting, and against different temperatures and moisture etc. in the course of storage, loading, transporting, unloading etc. If we define technically, the protective packaging can be produced from various materials such as cardboard, metals, plastic, wood, paper, etc. in such a way that they comply with the products and their size and dimension, in order to keep all kind of product types safe. You can get some details about our protective packaging solutions from our previous article : Protective Packaging Solution : Applicable for both Corner (Angle) and Edge Protection

You may use Larton’s protective packaging solutions for loading your container here is a deep dive article about Shipping Labels :Edge/Corner Protectors for Protective Packaging and Shipping Symbols / Labels according to ISO-780 – Application Guide

Pallet Edge/Corner Protectors are indispensable components of protective packaging materials, playing a crucial role in safeguarding products during the palletization process. These protectors act as a barrier against potential damages caused by impacts, pressure, overturning, tilting, and fluctuations in temperature and moisture during storage, loading, transportation, and unloading.

By integrating Larton’s protective packaging solutions, not only can you enhance the safety of your products, but you can also streamline the loading and shipping procedures for a more secure and efficient supply chain.

In addition to their protective role, Pallet Edge/Corner Protectors also contribute to sustainability efforts. Larton is committed to environmentally friendly practices, and our protectors are often made from recyclable materials, aligning with our dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of packaging solutions.


Vertical Protection

Vertical usage of Edge Protectors is one of the most common application.Cardboard edge protectors keep pallets in balance and provide full protection during shipment and storage. They increase palet resistance and prevent smashing and scattering damages during loading, shipment and storage.


Edge (Corner) Protection:Cardboard edge protectors keep the products together and provide full protection. During shipment and storage, they provide space saving through piling 2 or 3 pallets on top of each other.

Correct Storage: Cardboard edge protectors provide stowage in optimum space during the product packaging. They protect vertical corners, horizontal corners and top corners. They increase vertical shipment resistance.


Correct Storage


You can customize your order according to;

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Lamination material
  • Labelling

for more details you can read our Purchasing Guide article >> ” How to Purchase the Correct Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard – Purchasing Guide ” >> 

As Larton we are producing paper based products such as sheet cardboard, edge protectors, metallize cardboard, slitting size grayboard generally our products find application area for stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors.

Our product catalog may guide you about specialities and technical specifications of Larton’s product category. Indeed, you can request free sampling please contant with our technical sales team.

Larton is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Edge / Corner Protectors from this Purchasing Guide article you can check why ? >> ” Why Larton is a Reliable Exporter for Paper based Packaging Material – Cardboards / Edge Protectors / Angleboard – Purchasing Guide

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