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21 February 2021

Laminated Sheet Cardboards Metallized Cardboard for Food Industry – Application Guide

Laminated Sheet Cardboards – Metallized Cardboard

It is an application guide for laminated sheet cardboards metallized cardboard for food industry. Application guide series point out that specific exemplified usage areas of Larton’s products in described sectors. Metallized cardboard is one kind of laminated sheet cardboard and mainly used in food industry. This application guide will show how laminated sheet cardboard metallized cardboard is used in food industry.

Larton Packaging is able to fulfill the customers’ customized cardboard needs. Actually, cardboards are one of the most outstanding products of the firm. Thanks to this prominence, Larton Packaging offers customer specific cardboard solutions. Before jumping into customized cardboards option, let initially familiarize with Larton Packaging products.

Larton Packaging has a wide a range of product category such as Sheet Cardboards, Edge Protectors , Metallized Cardboard, Slitting Size Grayboard generally our products find application area for stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors. Larton Packaging has different kinds of sheet cardboards, which are Laminated Cardboard, White Cardboard, Black Cardboard, Testliner & Kraftliner Cardboard, and Gray Cardboard. Sheet cardboards are generally used in furniture, stationery, printery and packaging and all types can be customized according to customer preferences.

In this application guide article, it is aimed to offer a product solution for purchasing agents who are in food industry.  Metallized cardboards are the cardboards primarily specified to food industry. If you own a patisserie, cafe and restaurant, you may look for a cardboard for your cakes. In this case, you need a special cardboard, named as metallized cardboard, and it can be supplied by  Larton Packaging. Likewise, metallized cardboards can be utilized to keep fresh beef and fish type products by retaining broth. In brief, purchasing agents who look cardboards for fish box can acquire Larton’s metallized cardboards.

In addition, metallized cardboards can be used for special product packages like a gift box or chocolate box, cookie box. It is highlighted that Larton’s metallized cardboards are compatible with food.

What is Lamination ?

Lamination is the technique/process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strenght, stability, sound insulation, apperance, or other properties from the use of the differing materials, such as plastic. A laminate is a permanently assembled object created using heat, pressure, welding or gluing.  – Source ( Wikipedia )

Customized Metallized Cardboard

It is possible to customize metallized cardboards with respect to color, width, length, density, thickness and weight. In compliance with the clients’ requests,  the production of gold, silver and black metallized laminated sheet cardboard can be carried out in the dimensions specified in the technical table.

The table suggests that our standard order package size for metallized cardboard is 700 mm x 1000 mm and standard weight of this package is 20,5 kg. In the standard order, it is possible to modify density and thickness of the cardboard in compliance with your requirements. Alternatively, it is possible to customize the width, the length, the density and the weight of metallized cardboard.

You can make an order of metalize cardboard here.

Our experienced sales team can guide you to select the proper product for your needs. Please contact with us to choose the correct cardboard.

Also before setting an order for your custom metallized cardboard need, you can request free sampling and product documentation to be sure about the right solution. Also, our product catalog may guide you.

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