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24 November 2021

Cardboard, Paper and Wood Consumption in Numbers

Billions of people consume millions of tons of paper and cardboard products each year. This number is increasing, despite the technology that virtualizes content and data. Both the photocopy papers and cardboard and cleaning papers used in offices, invoices and newspapers coming to our home or workplace … For all the paper and cardboard derivative products you can think of, wood is used or can be recycled and reused.Well, can we forget that these paper and cardboard used as if they were collected from trees are actually the trees themselves? We have prepared a few items and interesting statistics that are useful to remember before using paper products.

Let’s Remember These About Paper and Cardboard!

In Turkey, annual consumption of paper is about 6 million tons. Per capita consumption is 70 kg. Our recycling rate is 40% and the target is to move this to 60% within 5 years. We consume an average of 7 trees per person every year for our paper, cardboard and vital needs. This means that we can plant at least 7 saplings in nature every year. Coniferous trees in 1 hectare area can produce 30 tons of oxygen per year, and broad-leaved trees can produce 16 tons of oxygen.

An adult beech tree can destroy carbon dioxide produced by about 1000 people in a day. At the same time, it can filter 7 kg of dust and about 300 kg of venom per year. Accordingly, approximately 50% of air pollution is cleared thanks to forests.

A 100-year-old beech tree, 25 meters tall, located in an area of 10 m², produces 30,000 lt. It can absorb water, which prevents landslides and protects fertile soils.

About 10,000 trees can be found in 1 hectare, and 10,000 trees can produce the oxygen consumed by 30,000 people daily. If everyone in the world cuts the amount of paper consumed by half, 8 million hectares of forest can be protected annually, and when these figures are considered, significant benefits can be achieved with the savings to be made. 

When Recycling Rate Is Increased!

By increasing the recycling rate, paper and cardboard imports can be reduced and the country’;s economy can be benefited. In this way, high energy and water consumption for paper and cardboard production is saved.

With 70 kg of paper and cardboard that we will recycle, we can save 1 tree. 1 tree we save can produce oxygen consumed by 3 people a day.

It should be known that 2 tons of wood is required for 1 ton of paper and cardboard pulp, and for this, 20 trees are cut and that only 200,000 pages, i.e. 80 boxes of A4 photocopy paper, can be produced with 20 trees.

Ministry of Environment and Forestry Data!

According to the data of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 2 million trees could be saved without unnecessary correspondence. An office worker on average is about 80 kg per year. throwing paper and cardboard into the trash. Considering that this figure is equal to the paper obtained from 1 tree, the importance of recycling becomes even more prominent.

The ever-increasing population also causes an increase in consumption. Thinking long term while consuming resources is very important for sustainability.Failure to replace the consumed with the new one at the same rate will only be selfish for future generations. Conscious consumption can provide the least harm and the highest benefit, so it is useful to remember the importance of what can actually be caused when using paper and cardboard products next time.

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