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Cardboard and Angle Board for Packaging Solutions from Larton


Larton Packaging has two main product categories intended for packaging solutions: Cardboard and Angle Board. This article aims to explain our firm’s product range with regards to packaging solutions perspective. First and foremost, Larton lays emphasis on recycling and circular economy. This means that Larton makes production  by utilizing recycled paper. Indeed, the company has a vision of “Relive”, unique solutions with renewable resources for forests and the the planet. That is to say that environmental awareness is among the company core values. Therefore, Larton’s solutions are perfectly suitable for your Eco-Friendly Packages interest and sensitivity. 

 In addition to environmental-consciousness, Larton products reflect quality – by following ISO quality standards. Also, Larton is capable of designing products based on customer needs with different length, shape, size, texture and pattern features. Hence, we offer specific solutions to your business needs. By the way, Larton maintains all these values with more than 30 years of experience in 40 countries. 

 Let’s have a look at Larton packaging solutions. To begin with the definitions, please check: 

 Larton offers different types of cardboards:  

All kinds of cardboards offered by Larton are 100% recyclable.


In addition to cardboards, Larton manufacturers various angle boards: 

Angle boards enable the packaged products to be protected from external factors till the item reaches the consumer. In other words, angle boards facilitate product safety and security. Angle board is typically known as protective packaging solutions. Furthermore, five different color alternatives are available for printing in Larton angle board products. Similar to cardboards, Larton angle boards are fully recyclable products.

Prior to purchase any cardboard or angle board, please check for purchasing guides:

If you want to ensure the right solution you have chosen, it is possible to request free sampling and product documentation from us before ordering cardboard or angle board. Please contact with us for detailed information.

We are attending Eurasia Packaging Fair as an exhibitor each year. The fair is organized in İstanbul, Türkiye and generally in October of the year. We look forward to meet with you physically there!