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24 March 2021

Wet Proof Edge Protector-Cardboard/Angleboard – Application Guide

Wet Proof Edge Protector

Wet-Proof Edge Protector – Cardboard / Angleboard is a frequently preferred type of cardboard. In this application guide, we will introduce one of the most used products in the paper packaging and food industry, moisture resistant Edge Protector – Cardboard / Angleboard.

factors until it reaches the consumer. These edge protectors / angleboards have many advantages due to their moisture resistance. In addition, 4 color printing can be made on Larton’s Edge Protector – Cardboard / Angleboard product.

Wet-Proof Edge Protector Usage Areas ; 

  • Conditions requiring moisture resistant protection
  • Conditions requiring vertical protection
  • Ability to stack correctly when stacking is needed
  • Protection on tying
  • Packaging strengthening

Advantages of Wet-Proof Edge Protector Cardboard / Angleboard 

  • possible to find solutions with respect to your needs with Wet Proof Edge Protector because it has a wide usage area. In addition, it is possible to place the company logo and name on it.
  • light material with high moisture resistance, as the name suggests, its most important feature is that it is Wet Proof Edge Protector. This aspect has a great advantage. In addition, it is light, not heavy.
  • economical, it can be produced in desired sizes without wastage.We design your Moisture Resistant – Wet Proof Edge Protector – Cardboard / Angleboard in sizes according to your needs and wishes without big costs for you. Please check our product specification.
  • does not cause any loss of space in the transportation and storage area. It also shows its practicality that it does not cause any loss of space.
  • 100% recyclable. It does not pollute the nature and is environmentally friendly. You can also check our “Relive Mission” . Considering our respect for the environment, the environmental friendliness of this type of product is also an important issue for our world. It does not harm the nature thanks to 100% recycling.
  • easy to use and practical. It saves labor and material.
  • no complex structure. Rather it is a good way to offer you the best solution in a practical way.
  • also common to use Wet-Proof Edge Protector in terms of preventing food products from being exposed to moisture. Moreover, you do not need to take any further action while doing this. Wet-Proof Edge Protector is especially preferred by fruit and vegetable producers. In cases where storage is required in cold storage.
  • Prevents damage by strengthening the casing of the product to be transported.
  • Although it is light, it is very protective for the safety and durability of the product to be transported.
  • It protects the product against damages and crushes that may occur during the strapping of the package.

Indeed, you can request free sampling please contant with our technical sales team.

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