Why Larton is a Reliable Exporter for Paper based Packaging Material - Cardboards / Edge Protectors / Angleboard - Purchasing Guide

Larton Product Range 

As Larton we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of paper based packaging products such as ;

In this purchasing guide article series we try to give more information for potential customers/purchasers.


Larton Packaging World Wide Presence

As a manufacturer Larton exports more than 20 countries ,larton exist all over the world with our production in accordance with international quality standards. Thanks to our modern transportation network, we export to European countries such as England, Germany, Spain, Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt, the Balkans, the USA and Arab countries. We owe this success to our products that are in demand around the world and to our thirty years of Sun-ka experience. Our biggest goal is to announce our name to the whole world in this journey where we reach completely different languages ​​and completely different cultures.


Why Larton ?

Integrated Manufacturing Approach Starting from Raw Material

Larton offers recycled paper based packaging materials and on of the most important quality and pricing factor is the raw material. Larton is the sister company of SUN-KA . SUN-KA Paper was established in 1989 to produce cardboards via recycling waste papers. As Larton our integrated manufacturing approach start from raw material.

30 Years of Experience

Larton Root’s comes from family business of SUNKA and we have more than 30 years of experience in Paper Industry.

Quality Standards

As an exporter know that quality / standards always matters for our export customers and always are trying to update our company for the new regulations. As an importer you can check our certificates by following this link


We are always customer oriented and try to solve our customer's needs. We want to give more details about customization criteria of your Cardboard Sheet orders and Cardboard Sheet Cutouts. You can also get more details about customization

Customer Service and Support

As Larton our technical and sales team is ready to give support for any technical / commercial questions. If your application area is new, it can be tough to guess the results. Please, feel free to contact with our technical sales team for any of your questions and free sampling


According to our long term goals we are always investing to our business.  You can find more details about our new factory investment 


To get information about our company and our products and forward your suggestions to us please contact .Our customer representatives will reply you as soon as possible.