What is Gray Cardboard (Single Layer) and What Is It Used For?

With more than 30 years of experience and professional staff, Larton Packaging is one of the leading companies in the packaging industry. It works with a focus on customer satisfaction with its wide customer portfolio both in Turkey where its factory is located and in Europe, Middle East, Balkan, African and Arab countries to which it exports. Products such as cardboard and angle iron are produced at Larton Packaging, and gray cardboard (single layer) is also among its products.

Single layer cardboard is produced by sizing coils with a density of 290 and 480 gr/m². Generally offered in a width of 350-1050 mm, gray cardboards can be produced in different sizes and numbers according to the wishes and needs of the customers. With this customer-focused approach, Larton is taking firm steps towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Larton Packaging also contributes to the continuity of ecological balance with materials compatible with nature. All products such as gray cardboard (single layer) are 100% recyclable.

Gray Cardboard (Single Layer) as a Seperator

In the packaging industry, each product is used for different purposes. For example, wrap around edge protector is used especially for the protection of cylindrical products. Gray size cardboard is mostly used as a separator.

There are situations where a layered order must be created when arranging products in a box. For example, when products such as buckets and bottles are transported in the same box, a separator is needed between them. With the gray size cardboard used as a separator, the transportation process of the products is facilitated. Thanks to the separators, the products do not overlap each other and thus provide a safer transportation. Again, the gray size cardboard used as a separator prevents the products from being shaken and damaged in the box. You can use gray size cardboard as a separator to prevent your products from being damaged in the box.

All products produced by Larton Packaging are produced by qualified employees with the machines that meet the needs of the sector in the best way. In this way, quality, practical to use and affordable products are delivered to customers in the best way.

Our New Factory Investment

Some time ago, we attempted a new factory with an area of 49,273 m2 in the Sungurlu Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). You can click here to get information about our factory and to review the construction process.


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