Edge Protector For Furniture - Application Guide

Protecting your Furniture with Larton's Edge Protectors 


Edge protectors have many uses. They are used in many sectors because they are both economical and practical. The use of edge protectors for furniture is also very common. It is necessary to use edge protectors to prevent the furniture from being damaged during packaging, storage, stacking or transport.

Larton manufactures various types of edge protectors for industry and customer needs. We can list these edge protectors as kraft edge protector, wet-proof edge protector, locked edge protector, wrap around edge protector and sticking edge protector. The use and purpose of each is different. The use of edge protector for furniture may also differ depending on the shape of the furniture or its intended use.





Edge Protector Selection According to Furniture

Edge protector prevents furniture from being damaged during transportation or storage, provides fixation during transportation and facilitates the use of storage space. In addition to all these, Larton's edge protectors also come to the fore with their economy and production that can be made in customer-specific sizes and colors.

Furniture comes in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, the edge protector to be used for furniture may be different for each furniture. Choosing edge protectors for furniture is important to protect furniture. For example, wrap-around edge protector to be preferred for round tables and oval products.

Locked edge protectors are generally preferred for products such as electronic products and white appliances.

Self-sticking edge protector can be used for bonding products of different heights and in cases where protection is required during transportation. Moreover, all of these products are 100% recyclable. These environmentally friendly and non-polluting products protect both your furniture and nature.

With the right packaging, you can minimize your costs as you can prevent possible damage. With the use of edge protector in the right packaging, you can prevent the product from spoiling and have a safer logistics / storage process.

Correct packaging is an important issue in order not to lose both time and cost. In summary, the use of edge protector is also important for furniture and the products should come together with the right angle. You can contact our technical sales team for detailed information, free product documentation or free samples.

As the center of the right edge protector, Larton has invested in a new factory to continue to best serve the needs of the industry and customers. You can watch the latest status of the factory construction in the video below.


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