What is Cardboard Angle?

Cardboard edges are one of the most popular protection products. It is used to protect your products and optimize your packaging time. Larton offers an affordable range of cardboard edge protectors to protect your products from damage during transportation and storage.

What is Cardboard Corner Protector?

With its "L" shape, cardboard edge guards are an easy and effective way to protect the corners. It is designed to provide maximum protection on every surface of your product and to eliminate impact and abrasion damages. In addition to being recyclable, these cardboard edge protectors are flexible and will fit almost any shape, even if they smoothless. The length of the sides can be adjusted in accordance with your needs, and both sides can be in different sizes.

Cardboard edge protectors are designed to prevent the edges of a pallet from being damaged, to prevent the tight strap from getting into the cartons, and also to help for securing and stabilizing a pallet during transport. The protective corners that can be used with sling or pallet wrap are actually thick molded cardboard strips. Cardboard edge protectors are a great packaging solution for small lightweight boxes stacked on a pallet because they can help you keep products securely on the pallet before they are wrapped or packaged.

Cardboard edge protectors are used to prevent damaging to primarily product corners and subsequently edges or surfaces. In this way, your products will be delivered to their customers undamaged as they are shipped.

The cardboard solves transportation, warehouse and packaging problems by protecting angles. In addition to or instead of existing packaging options (stretch or strip, folded box, pallet, tray), protective cardboard edge guards ensure that your goods are stored safely and without any problem.

Cardboard edge protectors prevent the wrinkling in vertical loads by favour of their special angled options applied form the top the loads to horizontal angled groups. In loadings form overhead tray, it is distributed from vertical corners in a horizontal frame and on the bottom pallet in such a way that it does not pass over the load. Thus, the loads in a frame can withdraw up to one (1) ton. In sequential stacking, the bottom line wrinkling of folded boxes can be prevented by adjusting the protective angles from the folded box inside.

The cardboard edge protector helps you fasten up your pallet loads, and can be used to create a stable or protective shell for easing the usage of storage or shipping area.  The pallets can be stacked on top of each other and the weight of the upper pallet is on the cardboard edge protector rather than the goods in the protected pallet. Cardboard edge guards are a cost-effective solution for you so that it helps you maximize load and stacking, and minimize packaging costs while reducing the risk of damage to your load. In short, as well as it has affordable prices, the cardboard edge protector reduces shipping costs and maximizes the use of warehouse and shipping areas by helping to pack more items per pallet.

Cardboard edge protection products have proven their importance by preventing costly damage to the edges of stacked items during strapping, handling, shipping and storage. It provides durability and support to pallet loads to facilitate block stacking in transport and storage. When combined with stretch film, it can help to reduce packaging costs, and can be used as an alternative to wood and other packaging materials.

The cardboard edge protector prevents breaking up the stacks on the pallets and enhances the strong of stacking on the corners, by providing extra resistance. The cardboard edge protectors provide a complete protection for loose items on the pallets, keep the loads stable, and help you load more items onto pallets.

Hard cardboard edge protectors are optimal for protecting the items on the pallets against the transporting damages or straps and tapes cutting the package. It offers a range of packaging solutions for transport and storage and is used in a wide variety of industries. It is used to protect the package, to qualify the pallet loading, and to reduce the cost.

Advantages of Cardboard Edge Protectors

The edge guards and corner protectors are used for a wide variety of packaging processes including edge and pallet protection, load stabilization, beam strength, stacking resistance. 
A cardboard edge protector:

  • Reduces the product damage.
  • Provides higher belt tension.
  • Keeps the loads safer.
  • Provides you to create brand intelligence. 
  • Is optimal for interior support implements.
  • Increases the beam strength of pallets.
  • Prevent the surface marks.
  • Prevents the corner damages.
  • Is an excellent alternative for wooden packaging.
  • Can be sized in accordance with the pallets or other loads in every dimensions.
  • Reinforces the load and prevents load loosing.
  • Enhances the pallet stabilization and reduce the stretching damages. 
  • Has special coating, including moisture resistant and wearing resistant. 
  • Is made of paper and bio-glues. This makes it eco-friendly. As for the waste procedures, it is subject to the same procedures with waste paper. 
  • Can be recycled 100%, is reusable and decomposable biologically. 
  • Resists against the recession. 
  • Helps to increase pallet stacking in order to expand the storage area. 
  • Is slight and stackable – can be stored easily. 
  • Improves the status and image of your products.
  • Is versatile, can be used inside or outside of cartons

When combined with a properly selected system for clamping loads using PET or PP tape, they protect the cargo from damage caused by hitting the edges of the angles and stabilize the goods placed on the pallet. Short L-section cardboard edge protectors are also often used to protect products from damage during vertical compression of loads. The size, quality and strength of each angle are selected individually. They are strong and durable which makes them reusable. 
The sizes of cardboard edge protectors can be adjustable in accordance with customer requests / it is possible to manufacture in any sizes, including angled asymmetrical arms. 
The cost of cardboard edge protector is deeply lower than the costs of damages caused by carrying. 
In conclusion, flexible and economical cardboard edge guards can protect, stabilize and reinforce palletized loads during transport and storage. They are also used to provide additional protection around cardboard, furniture, picture frames, artworks and many other applications inside and outside. Edge guards made from compressed recycled material provide an economical and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and foam edge protectors to increase stability, to reduce stretch film damage and to protect products from accidental corner and edge impacts. 
Cardboard edge protectors are used to provide strength and protection in palletizing and shipping goods both domestically and overseas.
As Larton, we produce cardboard corner protector products in Ankara to meet the unique needs of our customers, adding value to our experience. Our expertise and facilities enable us to offer custom made products with impact resistance management. You can contact with us from our contact information to get more detailed information on the cardboard edge protector, and also to have a meeting about cardboard types and cardboard prices.


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