Cardboard Protective Corners / Pallet Corner Protector

Larton Packaging is a company that provides cardboard protective corners to the packaging industry.

Cardboard protective corners are often used to protect the corners of cardboard boxes. The cardboard is often very fragile and can easily get damaged, so it will be essential to keep the corners protected.

There are many different types of cardboard corner protectors, including corrugated paper board, chipboard and hardboard. These types of protectors are all different in terms of durability and thickness.






The key is to find out which cardboard corner protectors might work best for you. For this, our professional technical sales team can help you and even meet your request for free samples.

Cardboard protective corners have many advantages in protecting, transporting and stowing the product. These advantages include "What is Cardboard Angle?" We explained it in detail in our article. Briefly speaking, cardboard protective corners offer the following advantages:

  • Pallet protective corners or cardboard protective corners are used to protect products from scratching during transportation. This type of corner is made from a rubber, plastic, or foam to cushion the product during transport. These products can be made of rubber, plastic, or foam. The material is designed to protect the product from scratches and carrying damage during transportation.
  • They are available in different sizes to fit any sized pallet or product being shipped. They are often made out of a dense foam that will not conform to the shape of the products being shipped on top of it too much.
  • It is a protective corner that helps to protect the product from scratches and provides a safer transportation.

Protecting the products, we are aware of the challenges faced by every company. We know how important it is to provide protection to your products which you are shipping or storing. We know how you want your products to be protected from any damage so that they can maintain their quality.

Pallet or cardboard corner protectors are durable enough to withstand heavy loads of weight, temperature, and humidity levels. The products are lightweight so it won't add any additional weight on the pallets thus reducing its cost.

How To Make a Cardboard Corner Protector?

Larton has been operating in the packaging industry for many years with its experienced team. During this period, it did not fail to follow new technologies and invested in a new factory with state-of-the-art products. All other products such as angle iron can be made in the size and number suitable for the wishes and needs of the customers.

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