Cardboard Box Edge Protector

What Does a Cardboard Box Angle Do?

With 30 years of experience from Sun-Ka, Larton produces the most suitable products for customer needs. Knowing the importance of packaging with its experience gained in the sector for years, it offers products that will provide maximum benefit to its customers. Cardboard edge protector is one of the products that Larton produces and exports to European countries, Middle Eastern countries, Balkan countries, African countries and Arab countries.

The main purpose of the use of cardboard edge protector is to protect the packaged product from external factors until it reaches the consumer, as in other edge protectors. In Larton, production can be made for edge protectors in different colors, numbers and sizes in accordance with the customer.



It prevents the products in cardboard edge protector, boxes and packages from being damaged. Thus, the product can reach the user without being damaged in processes such as transportation. The cardboard edge protector, whose main task is to protect the product by placing it in the box, is also economical and 100% recyclable.


How Can Cardboard Edge Protectors Help You?

  • Protects every surface of the product in the box,
  • It is practical to use, it does not require any extra tools,
  • It has more than one type so that a suitable angle bracket can be found for every product,
  • It also strengthens the packaging and makes it easier to transport.

Like all other Larton products, the angle iron can be produced specifically for customer needs.


Larton for Cardboard Edge Protector

Larton Ambalaj, with its professional team, produces in Turkey / Çorum and serves many countries and domestic markets. The product range includes sheet cardboard, edge protector, metallized cardboard and cardboard in rolls. Having strong technological equipment and attaching importance to quality standards, Larton aims at customer satisfaction with its reasonable price policy. It has approximately 200 employees responsible for production, administrative, sales and after-sales departments. The company, which produces on 50 decares of land, sends products directly to every region in the country with its modern transportation network.

In order to meet the needs of more customers, Larton has invested in a new production factory on a very large area of ​​49,273 m2 in the Sungurlu Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). The new factory is equipped with the latest technology. The factory aims to bring the Sunka Karton and Larton Ambalaj brands to a position known to the whole world, especially Europe, with the latest technology products to be offered.


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