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Increasing Trend in Packaging : Eco-Friendly Packages

The importance of eco-friendly packaging is increasing in the packaging industry.

Global problems such as climate change and environmental pollution affect all of us negatively today. It is our responsibility to work to minimize this negative impact in the coming years. Sun-Ka and Larton Ambalaj produce in an environmentally responsible manner. Adopting the production of environmentally friendly packaging as a duty, not a luxury, Larton has documented this with its FSC Certificate.

With the increase in population and therefore consumption, resource consumption has become an issue to be considered. It is our debt to future generations to think long-term while using resources and to be able to provide sustainability. It is the duty of all of us today to replace the consumed material at the same rate and to protect our environment.In order to prevent climate and environmental problems in our world, environmentally friendly production has also become a must in the packaging industry. In recent years, there has been an increase in the studies on this subject and it is expected to increase even more in the coming years. With production principles such as recycling and re-living, eco-friendly production can be made and progress can be made on the road to zero waste. Keeping resources at the longest possible use stage creates a circular economy environment. This order, which is generally used for several purposes and produces less waste, should be adopted by all manufacturing businesses, just like Larton.
Larton: Eco-Friendly Packaging
Perhaps the best thing to do for the environment in packaging and paper production is to increase recycling efforts. Based on this, Larton manufactures all of its products in a 100% recyclable manner. It continues its production with products obtained from recycling paper/material.Environmentally friendly Larton carries out the importance it attaches to the continuity of the ecological system in the production process, together with the quality in the service it will provide to its customers. With its qualified manpower, modern factory and production machines, it exports to many countries in the production of high quality edge protector, cardboard, cardboard in rolls. Larton will continue its environmentally friendly production in its new factory built on an area of 49,273 m2 in the Sungurlu Organized Industrial Zone.
Larton aims to increase its awareness around the world in the packaging and angle iron sector with production in special sizes according to customer needs and wishes. You can also contact the technical sales team to get free samples and product documentation; You can use environmentally friendly packaging.Larton aims to increase its awareness around the world in the packaging and edge protector sector with production in special sizes according to customer needs and wishes. While doing this, it tries to increase environmentally friendly production and to provide more benefits to the environment. In order to use environmentally friendly packaging, you can contact the technical sales team and request free samples and product documentation.