What Is Protective Packaging Definition?

The Protective Packaging Definition

We use the protective packaging in a wide variety of different industries such as automotive, appliance, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, food etc. It refers to the use of various packaging materials to protect the product from damages during different processes like transportation or storage. 

What is Protective Packaging?

To put it in all simple terms, the protective packaging solutions are to prevent all kind of products from such any damages as impact, pressing, overturning, tilting, and against different temperatures and moisture etc. in the course of storage, loading, transporting, unloading etc. If we define technically, the protective packaging can be produced from various materials such as cardboard, metals, plastic, wood, paper, etc. in such a way that they comply with the products and their size and dimension, in order to keep all kind of product types safe. 

We should not consider the protective packaging different from the product because it is a fundamental component of a packed product. As the common aim of all sellers is to deliver their products safe and without any damage to their customers. It also depends on the packaging types. The more the packaging is protective, the more the product sold is safe. 

In conclusion, without considering the type of protective packaging, the main purpose is to prevent all kind of products from any damages, and to provide customer satisfaction by delivering the goods safely. 

What Are the Types of Protective Packaging?

As we stated above, the main purpose of packaging any product is to protect it from any physical harm and damages, and to keep it safe. Therefore, you can provide this safety with a protective packaging type. So what are the main types of protective packaging materials? 

We can define the main types of protective packaging materials as bellow:

1.    Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are the most common and useful type of protective packaging material. It consists of hundreds of tiny air bubbles, which provide a layer of protection from knocks and bumps against impacts, dropping etc. We can mention some bubble protective packaging types as bellow:

  • Bubble wrap in roll
  • Folder-shaped bubble wraps in adhesive strip
  • Bubble bags

2.    Packing Paper

This type of protective packaging material can be in the forms of butcher paper, kraft paper and other kinds. This packaging type is cheaper, flexible, soft and commonly a bit larger than A4 paper. You can pack smaller items with this packaging material. 

3.    Cardboard Packaging

This type of protective packaging material can be more solid, thinner, slighter and cheaper with less raw material. Easy production and economic advantages make the cardboard protective packaging materials advantageous in packaging industry. 

Comparing to the other packaging materials, the prices of cardboard packaging materials have more application areas. In addition, this type of packaging material can be produced different types of cardboard such as recyclable, reusable, renewable, biologically decomposable etc. (for more detail information, you can see https://www.larton.com.tr/en/news-from-us/what-is-cardboard-cardboard

4.    Foam Packaging

Packaging foam is the largest protective packaging category. It includes a wide variety of products that have different shapes and cut into whichever form is best suited for a particular item. When items are in packaging foam. The packaging foam tends to be denser and is much larger. Here are some good things to know:

  • There is no definitive shape for packaging foam.
  • Popular types include sheets, sponge rolls, foam rolls and egg crates.
  • Packaging foam is more diverse in its makeup, so there is rarely one standard material.
  • It can be individually wrapping to one’s preference along with a particular item.

Protective Packaging Solutions

In order to protect your products during production, transportation, storage etc., there are many protective packaging solutions depending on the product type. No matter what type your product or packaging is.  Whether the packaging is single or multiple, or the product is small or large, light or heavy, and even the packaging products requires thermal protection, there are different designs and protective packaging solutions. 

Advanced Protective Packaging

Along with the last technological developments in portable consumer devices, such as smartphones, laptops etc., the solutions for protective packaging have been developing day by day. As well as in last technological industries, especially in electronics, we need some much advanced packaging solutions in a variety of industries to protect our products from all kind of damages. As long as the technology develops, the requirements for packaging solutions increases evenly.

Custom Protective Packaging

According to your product, there are many choices to pack it. Even if some product needs standard protective packaging materials, some needs special ones. In this stage, you can procure custom protective packaging according to your product’s shape, size, weight, dimension, etc. there are many solutions such as durable cartons and shipping containers, blister packaging, etc.

Biodegradable Protective Packaging

As much as we have different protective packaging alternatives, we should consider the environment while choosing packaging types. In this stage, biodegradable protective packaging solutions can provide us eco-friendly packaging alternatives for our products. This type of packaging materials is recyclable, renewable, reusable, etc. 

Protective Packaging Manufacturer

As we told above, there are many protective packaging solutions. However, the protective packaging manufacturers differ from each other in accordance with their industrial areas. There are a few different industrial areas relating to the type of product that needs to be packed.  Besides the type of product, it also depends on the product’s transport, storage, needed temperature and moisture rates, etc. 

Protective Packaging Sale

Where Can I Buy Protective Packaging?

Many manufacturers and sellers can sale the protective packaging materials as retail, wholesale, dealership etc. as well as e-commerce. It means that you can buy any packaging materials according to your option. For more detail information, please click the link bellow:



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