How to Purchase the Correct  Angleboard / Edge Protector  Cardboard - Purchasing Guide

Selecting the Proper Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard 

When you are making the purchasing decision, first and foremost you are obliged to define your needs and your application area.  There could be too many criterion while selecting the proper Angleboard/ Edge Protector Cardboard, but these criterias can be categorized mainly into two groups:

  • Dimension based criterias
  • Application based criterias


For example, you are planning to use Angleboard / Edge Protector  Cardboard  for palletizing the food product for your cold chain. Accordingly, you have to select Wet Prof  Angleboard / Edge Protector  Cardboard; otherwise, you can face with moisture based problems.

You may need to stick Angleboard / Edge Protector  Cardboard for your application . Why don't you choose a sticking one ?!

Lets dive into dimension based purchasing criteria:

Dimensions of Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard 

The stability of your packaging application is highly influenced by the dimension of angleboard/edge protector cardboard choice. Here are common dimensions for Angleboards / Edge Protector Cardboards:    


If you haven't set any technical specification for your usage area yet,  you need to try first for your application.  Our technical sales team can guide you for selecting the proper dimensions for your application area. Also free sampling is available please contant with our technical sales team .


As Larton we are producing  paper based products such as Sheet Cardboards, Edge ProtectorsMetallize Cardboard, Slitting Size Grayboard generally our products find application area for stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors. 


In our Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard product range we have also options for your different needs. These are ;


Applications of Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard 

There can be too many different angleboard/edge protector cardboard application areas than we can imagine. To illustrate, you need a white Angleboard / Edge Protector Cardboard for marketing purpose, then you can select Wet Prof  Angleboard / Edge Protector  Cardboards even if you don't have a high moisture storage environment.


For this reason, we are sharing most common angleboard/edge protector cardboard usage areas. These may help / inspire you for your selection:

Package Strengthening

Strapping Protection

Correct Stowage

Vertical Protection

Protecting Furniture from Damage


Increasing Stability of Outer Package


If your application area is new, it can be tough to guess the results. Please, feel free to contact with our technical sales team for any of your questions.


Also, you may need some certificates according to purchasing policy of your company. You can check our certificates

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