Larton's Factory Investment

Larton's Factory Investment

Larton is making a big investment for its new factory! This new factory has some aims and realizes some firsts in the city where it is located!

Larton's new production factory will be established in Sungurlu OSB on an area of ​​49.273 m2! This area is quite large and eye-filling.




The Factory Will Also Support Employment!

So how will this factory affect employment? More than 100 people on average will be employed in various departments.

We have started that Larton's investment in this factory has some aims. The factory is established to increase product quality and capacity with high technology.

The Biggest Investment of 2020!

The biggest investment of the province where it is located! The factory is the biggest investment of 2020 in Çorum, and products in European standards will be produced at the factory.

It has the capacity to serve many sectors. The factory will directly serve the food industry by producing packaging cardboard to be used in the food industry.

Products Will Be Produced With the Latest Technology!

The factory aims to make the Sunka Cardboard and Larton Packing brands with the highest awareness in Europe, especially in Europe, with the products it will produce with the latest technology.

We’re sharing the photos of the factory with its dates for you.

11 July 2020

It all started like this!

10 September 2020

The construction of the factory has accelerated.

21 October 2020

Construction continued to progress.

24 December 2020

The ceiling of our factory has been closed.

31 May 2021

30 June 2021

9 August 2021

2 October 2021

9 November 2021

The construction of our factory continues at full speed. Our factory, where the latest technologies will be used and will provide employment to many people, will start operating as soon as possible.

You can also watch the video we compiled from the last shot of the construction of our factory below.


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