What Does White Cardboard (White Cardboard Paper) Do?

White cardboard is an innovative material that can be used for many different purposes. It is durable, recyclable and environmentally friendly. White cardboard is made by laminating first quality chrome single layer and double face on gray size cardboard. 

Customized Solutions

Larton strives to establish long-term and productive collaborations that prioritize customer satisfaction. As one of the pioneers of the packaging industry, it has a significant place in paper and cardboard production both in Turkey and abroad. Larton has achieved this success with the value it gives to its customers. It aims to offer the most suitable products for the wishes and needs of its customers and to produce these products in the best quality way. That's why, like all other products, white cardboard paper can be produced in the size and number desired by the customers at Larton Packaging.

Where Is White Cardboard Paper Used?

The usage area of white cardboard paper may vary according to your needs. If we need to list the usage areas of white cardboard in general, various boxes such as cardboard stand, cardboard box, box case and click-fit box come to the fore in this list.

Cardboard Stand

White cardboard is often used in cardboard stands. The reason for this is that it is easy to make the desired print on the white color. You can design and use your cardboard stands in the best way with white cardboard that you can personalize as you wish. As you can see in the picture below, a print in pink tones looks quite natural on the stand. In terms of quality, like all other Larton products, the cardboard stand made of white cardboard is also very durable.

Cardboard box

The cardboard box can be used in the food industry, it can be used as a storage box or it can be used to put souvenirs inside. Cardboard boxes made using white cardboard paper are suitable for using different prints, just like cardboard stands.

Click-fit Box and Box Case

Click-fit box and box case models are box models that are frequently seen in daily life. These boxes, which offer safety and comfort in opening, are used in many sectors.



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