What are the Edge Protector Types ?

Edge protector is one of the most common protection products used to protect the packaged product from external factors until it reaches the consumer. Edge protector is the best product that can be used to prevent your products from being damaged during transportation and storage. Edge protectors manufactured by Larton protect your products as well as the environment. Because Larton, which attaches importance to environmental sustainability, produces recyclable edge protectors.


Edge protector can be produced in different shapes, colors and sizes for customer demand. Whichever way it is produced, the important thing is to use a suitable type of edge protector for the product to be packaged. The benefits of edge protector can be listed as follows:


  • Prevents the edges of a pallet from being damaged,
  • Prevents tight rope from entering the cartons,
  • Provides fixation during transportation,
  • Facilitates the use of warehouse and shipping area,
  • Prevents surface scratches and corner damage,
  • It can be produced in a size and color suitable for customer needs,
  • It is economical.



Edge protector is produced by Larton for the most suitable solutions for your needs with its different varieties.

Types of Edge Protectors

Edge protector category includes kraft edge protector, moisture resistant edge protector, locked edge protector, notched edge protector and adhesive edge protector.

Kraft Edge Protector

Kraft edge protector is the widely known edge protector in its most basic form. Kraft edge protector stands out as it is suitable for use in various ways and is economical. Vertical protection is of great importance for correct stacking, lashing protection and packaging reinforcement.

Wet-Proof Edge Protector

Wet-proof edge protector is a lightweight material with high moisture resistance. It has an easy and practical use. Apart from protection and stacking, it is important in the packaging of products that need to be protected in terms of moisture.

Locked Edge Protector

Locked edge protector has interlocking locking system in the form of a puzzle. It is frequently used especially in white appliances and electronics industry. It can be used in situations where multiple products need to be stacked on top of each other.


Wrap Around Edge Protector

Wrap around edge protector is used in furniture, metal and plastic industries, especially for the protection of cylindrical products. It gains importance with its protection on the edges and practicality in application.


Sticking Edge Protector

Sticking edge protector is self-adhesive. It provides protection by bonding at different heights. It can be produced in special sizes like all other edge protector types. It is also a recyclable product like other edge protectors.

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