Using Recycled/Recyclable Paper Based Packaging - CSR and Circular Economy Perspective - Application Guide

In this application guide article, we will try to give info about some trends for sustainable packaging which will help your goals according to CSR and Circular Economy perspective. The reason for issuing this topic is that Packaging is one of the common areas nearly for every manufacturers.

What is CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the 1960s, corporate social responsibility has attracted intensive attention from a range of businesses and stakeholders.

This view is reflected in the Business Dictionary which defines CSR as "a company's sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship  through their waste and pollution reduction processes,  by contributing educational and social programs and by earning adequate returns on the employed resources ( source : wikipedia

As a manufacturer Responsible Product and Production is one of the main challenge according to CSR perspective.

What is Circular Economy ?

Circular economy refers to a model in which economic growth does not go hand in hand with the exploitation and consumption of natural, non-renewable resources.

In the linear economy resources and raw materials are extracted, processed and usually used for a specific purpose. At the end of life the products are disposed of in the landfill or thermally recycled. Linear economy is therefore often referred to as a “disposable economy”.

In a circular economy, resources are kept in a circulatory system over the longest possible use phase. The materials are often used for several purposes and returned again and again in the recycling cycle. The ecological advantage of the circular economy is that it produces less waste and minimizes the extraction of fossil resources.

Sustainable Packaging Trends

  • Design for Recycling

  • Design for Reuse

  • Replace Plastics With Bioplastics

  • Reduce and Remove Packaging

  • Shift to Mono-Materials

  • Increase Recycled Content

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