Types of Cardboard - Purchasing Guide

Types of Cardboard

Larton and its co-company Sun-Ka have been operating in the packaging industry for many years. Sun-Ka's more than 30 years of experience in the sector is getting stronger with Larton. Larton Ambalaj provides services in many product categories, from sheet cardboards to edge protectors, from metallize cardboard to cardboard in rools. Moreover, by adopting the value of " relive "! Larton strives to produce recyclable products without harming the environment.


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Cardboard has an important place in the product category of Larton Ambalaj. It is produced as cardboard, laminated cardboard, white cardboard, black cardboard, testliner and kraftliner cardboard and gray cardboard (single layer). 


Laminated Cardboard

In laminated cardboards, the standard size is 70 x 100 cm and 20-21 kilograms. Laminated cardboards appear in many places in daily life. It is frequently preferred in furniture, stationery products and printing houses.

White Cardboard

It is produced by laminating first quality chrome single layer and double face on white cardboard, gray size cardboard. Its usage area is quite high. Usage areas of white cardboard are seen as cardboard stands and cardboard box, box with crate and plug-in box.

Black Cardboard

Black cardboard can be produced in sizes suitable for the wishes and needs of our customers, just like gray and white cardboard. The area of use is again in various styles of boxes.

Testliner and Kraftliner Cardboard

Tesliner and krafliner cardboard, which are often used in stationery and printing houses, are generally thought to be the same. However, kraft and testliner are two different types of cardboard.

Kraft cardboard is paper or cardboard with a fiber content of not less than 80% obtained by chemical sulphate or soda processes. Testliner cardboard refers to papers with different explosion resistance. You can click here for detailed information about these two types of cardboard.

Gray Cardboard (Single Layer)

Gray cardboard (single ply) is made from 100% recycled paper. It is produced by sizing coils with a density of 290 and 480 gr / m². Such cardboards are generally used as separators.

These products are 100% recyclable. In addition, Larton can produce cardboard specifically for the dimensions you request. By following the technological developments, Larton works for the cardboard that will make your life easier with its economical and usage.

Before ordering cardboard cut to your custom size, you can request free sampling and product documentation from us to ensure the right solution. Please contact us to choose the right cardboard.


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