The Right Address in Edge Protector Larton - Purchasing Guide

Purchase the Right Edge Protector from Larton 


As Sun-Ka's brand, Larton has a long experience in the paper and packaging industry. Exporting to more than 20 countries, Larton manufactures at international quality standards. It aims to increase this success even more with its high-capacity factory and qualified human resource power.

Larton Packaging has a product range of cardboard, edge protector, metallize cardboard and cardboard in rolls. As the manufacturer of these products, Larton prioritizes customer satisfaction throughout the entire production process. For this reason, we can say that “Larton is the right address for edge protector production!”.


Larton's greatest effort is to gain, increase and maintain customer satisfaction. For this reason, with its customer-oriented approach, it always continues its success by reflecting the needs of the sector and customer expectations to its products and services in every sense. For this, it has invested in a new factory and focused on meeting customer demands in the best way with all its employees.

Edge protector offers many advantages to the customer. For this reason, Larton acts very meticulously in the production of edge protector as in all its other products. It offers affordable edge protectors to prevent your products from being damaged during transportation and storage.

Edge protectors made of cardboard are mostly used in the packaging industry to protect goods. Larton manufactures kraft edge protector, wet-proof edge protector, locked edge protector, wrap around edge protector and sticking edge protector.

So what are the advantages of the edge protectors?

  • Reduces product damage,
  • Prevents surface scratches,
  • Can be sized to fit any size of cargo and container,
  • Provides confidence in transportation,
  • It is light,
  • Ideal for stacking.

As Larton, we add value to our experience and produce cardboard edge protectors in Çorum to meet the needs of our customers. Our expertise and installations enable us to offer bespoke products with impact resistance management.

In order for customers to reach the right packaging, Larton offers the opportunity to obtain free samples and request product documentation. In this way, the technical sales team informs you and allows you to reach the packaging that will meet your needs in the most correct way. Always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, Larton has a professional team that can guide customers to reach the right packaging for their needs. You can contact our technical sales team here to get free samples and request product documentation.


To get information about our company and our products and forward your suggestions to us please contact .Our customer representatives will reply you as soon as possible.