Recycling of Waste Paper by Larton Packaging with “Relive” Mission

Recyle or Waste ? 

Larton Packaging has a mission of “relive”, operates recycling of waste paper. We make life easier with a variety of functional products in the stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors nearly for 10 years. Actually, having more than 30 years of experience in gray cardboard production, Sun-Ka Paper established Larton Packaging in 2012 in order to meet the needs of paper packaging industry with its increased product range. Therefore, Larton and Sun-Ka are group companies. Now, Larton Packaging operates in paper packaging industry with a wide range of product category such as Sheet CardboardsEdge Protectors , Metallized CardboardSlitting Size Grayboard.


“Relive” Mission

Larton Packaging reflects its ecological approach with “relive” mission. In other words, this is an environmental conscientious firm. The mission of “relive” suggests that the used waste paper raw material will have a new life in Larton’s production cycle. We assess paper for recycling is a valuable raw material - not a waste. We create value by utilizing waste paper; in other words, used waste paper is regained by Larton.

The below figure points out created value by Larton:


In each ton of used waste paper collection, Larton cleans our environment 26,000 liters of garbage, keeps to flourish 17 trees, regains 790 kilograms of paper and makes a contribution on saving 260 liters of water.

Zero Waste platform suggests that “it is important by virtue of the fact that paper recycling saves considerable amount of raw materials and its economical value is high.”

These can be gained by 1 ton used paper:

  • 177 kilogram greenhouse gas
  • 4100 kW energy
  • 40% energy saving
  • 17 recovered tree
  • 2.5 storage space


The impact of recycling industry in Turkey with statistics can be seen here.

Nature-Friendly Production

Larton Packaging has a nature-friendly production process. We use materials compatible with nature and make a sustainable business concerning economical, social and environmental development. Larton produces eco-friendly products with using recycled raw materials. All of our products are produced in accordance with quality standards by recycling waste paper. In addition to quality standards certificates, Larton Packaging also has FSC certificate signaling that we protect environment and nature in all stages of production.

FSC Certificate

Thanks to producing in the protective standards for biodiversity and ecological system, LARTON became entitled to get FSC certificate, which was approved by FSC™ (The Forest Stewardship Council).  FSC certification ensures that our products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. An independent establishment, FSC™ makes inspections all around the world in accordance with quality standards in line with ecological approaches. The aim of FSC™ organization is to protect the environment and nature in all stages of production.  

Environmental Conscientious Social Responsibility Projects

Larton and Sun-Ka group companies have executed several environmental conscientious social responsibility projects such as paper collection campaigns in schools, public institutions and organizations with the slogan of “Don’t let papers get wasted!” to get attention to the paper waste and recycling. This campaign, especially in schools facilitated to raise more environmental sensitive young generations.

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