Recycling in the Packaging Industry


There are some undesirable environmental problems such as climate problems and pollution problems around the world. Both the carelessness of people individually and the problems experienced in the sustainability policies of businesses trigger these problems. Considering the situation, it is seen that each person and each institution must fulfill their responsibilities. The philosophy of recycling and re-living is one of the activities beneficial to the functioning of the ecological system of nature. Especially from the packaging sector, the product that is seen as the most garbage is paper. However, paper is a recyclable product. Larton is a company that values recycling in the packaging industry and carries out activities in line with this understanding. For this, it produces recyclable products and incorporates recycled materials into the production process.

Larton Packaging Adopts Recycling !

Talking about the necessity of recycling waste paper while describing his mission of “Re-live”, Larton also carried out studies on this subject. In addition to making production with recycling in the production process, it has organized paper collection campaigns in cooperation with schools.

Recycling is an important issue in the packaging industry. Although some businesses produce without being aware of their responsibilities towards the environment, Larton has included recycling in all business processes. Larton manufactures its products in a recyclable way, using materials that are compatible with nature. He also does not see paper as garbage. By sharing informative posts about paper and art, it ensures that the papers do not go to waste, but at least serve an artistic purpose. For this, you can follow creative ideas on the Larton Instagram account and send your comments.

Larton's understanding of recycling and environmental responsibility is documented by the FSC Certificate it has received. Being entitled to receive the FSC Certificate is proof that Larton has successfully passed the audits carried out within the framework of quality standards with its environmentalist production approach.

You can easily buy products made of cardboard, anglboard, metallized cardboard and cardboard in rolls produced by Larton, one of the leading brands in the packaging industry. These products are produced as recyclable. In addition, these products, which can be produced in different sizes or shapes according to customer requests and needs, provide you with ease of use.

Recycling activities implemented in Larton and Sunka facilities will be applied in the same way in Larton's new factory and the responsibility towards the environment will always be fulfilled.


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