Protective Packaging Solutions - Sectorial Usage of Edge (Angleboard) / Corner Cardboard Protectors - Purchasing Guide

Sectorial Usage of Edge (Angleboard) / Corner Cardboard Protectors

In this purchasing guide article, we will give insights about protective packaging solutions and different sectorial usage of edge (angleboard) / corner cardboard protectors. The first and foremost objective in packaging is to protect packaged goods from external factors until it reaches the customer. Packaging protects the products from physical effects such as hitting, heating and injury. As a purchaser, when you need to be ensure that your products will reach its destination safely, choose Larton’s affordable and wide range of protective packaging solutions such as Kraft Edge ProtectorWet-Proof Edge ProtectorLocked Edge ProtectorWrap Around Edge ProtectorSticking Edge Protector.

Protective Packaging Solutions

Protective packaging is used in various industries such as automotive, home appliances, electronics, furniture, pharmaceuticals, food etc. Protective packaging means the use of different packaging materials in order to protect the product from damages during different processes such as shipping or warehousing. Furthermore, thanks to pictorial marking and labels on the packages it informs consumers regarding their choice and use. For more detail regarding this matter, you can take a glance at this article. The functions of cardboard edge protector may differ as vertical, horizontal and edge protections and you can see wherever it is used here.

In this purchasing guide article, we will enlighten different sectorial usage areas of edge  (angleboard) / corner cardboard protectors, which protect your goods and optimize your packaging time.

For instance, locked edge protector is used primarily in white goods and electronic sectors that require piling many products such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and pallets during transportation and warehousing. Thanks to its puzzle shaped interpenetrating locking system, it offers easy and alternative feasibility solution.

On the other hand, if you are working in food or agricultural industry, you will probably need wet-proof pallet stabilization. So, you would rather wet-proof edge protector in this case.

The suitable protective packaging solution may also differ with respect to geometrical shape of your product. To illustrate, if you have cylindrical products such as oval tables, cylindrical marbles, you will absolutely favor wrap around edge protector. This type of protectors are preferred in the such sectors as especially furniture, metal, plastic etc.

You may have products which have different heights. In this case, you would purchase sticking edge protectors that protect the relevant goods in such a way to be attached in different heights. Sticking edge protectors are vital for vertical protection, correct stowage, and strapping protection.

By the way, this article gives clues on how to purchase correct angleboard / edge protector cardboards.

Protective Packaging Solutions by Larton Packaging

We offer economical, practical, eco-friendly protective packaging solutions. You can use our 100% recycled kraft, notched, moisture resist, hot melt edge protectors for packaging, vertical, horizontal and edge protections. You can protect your products against the external factors with functional edge protectors. Our practical edge protectors are produced in the dimensions and colors special for you. Larton Packaging is able to fulfill the customers’ customized edge protector needs. Actually, edge protectors are one of the most outstanding products of Larton Packaging.

Choosing the proper edge protector really matters. Our product catalog may guide you about  specialities and technical specifications of Larton’s product category. Also, our experienced sales team can guide you to select the proper protective packaging solution according to your needs. Please contact with us to choose the edge (angle board) / corner cardboard protector. Indeed, you can request free sampling please contant with our technical sales team .


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