Protective Packaging Solutions for Cylindrical Shaped Objects - Application Guide

Selecting Proper Protective Packaging Solutions for Cylindrical Shaped Objects

This application guide will address selecting proper protective packaging solutions for specific to cylindrical shaped objects. The most common protective packaging solutions are corner (angle) and edge protector cardboards in the world. Corner (angle) and protector cardboards serve the purpose of protecting product edges, providing robust support for lengths of material and protect goods from any damages while in shipping and warehousing.

Choosing the right protective packaging really matters, and here is a Larton’s guide about it >>> link.

The geometrical shape of the product may exert an influence over deciding what is appropriate protective packaging solutions. For instance, if you have cylindrical shaped objects such as oval tables, cylindrical marbles, the correct protective packaging solution would exactly be round edge boards and protectors.


Round Edge Boards and Protectors for Cylindrical Shaped Objects

The appropriate protective packaging solution for cylindrical shaped objects is round edge boards  and protectors. In other words, round edge boards and protectors are designed specific to cylindrical shaped objects and find an application area in such fields as furniture, metal and plastic. As Larton Packaging, our range of products include Wrap Around Angle Board Edge Protectors.

Technical Specifications of Larton’s Wrap Around Edge Protectors

Larton’s wrap around edge protectors offers practicality in operations. This means, this type of cardboard edge protectors are practical for being, light materials with high resistance and available to be used in required sizes without shrink.

This product is made from the products produced in edge protector machines as its wingspread in 40*40 mm to 80*80 mm, thickness in 2 mm to 4 mm and length in min. 30 cm to max. 600 cm.

As the below figure suggests, Larton Packaging offers a wide range of option in terms of width, thickness and length of the wrap around edge protector.  It is assured that you can find a suitable wrap around edge protector in accordance with your product dimensions.

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Do not forget that our products are made of up 100% recycled paper considering our Relive Mission. This gives rise to offering quite economical solutions. Please have a look at our product catalog and contact with our technical sales team regarding your questions and acquiring free sampling.


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