Protective Packaging Solution : Applicable for both Corner (Angle) and Edge Protection

When Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors is Used?

In this application guide, we will be explaining a protective packing solution that is applicable for both corner (angle) and edge protection. The name of the aforementioned solution is Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors.

Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors, as the name suggests, provides great ease of use due to its self-adhesive feature. This edge protector type is obtained by adhering hotmelt glue on edge protectors. Hotmelt adhesive is an adhesive that has high resistance to heat and offers high performance. In addition, it offers a smooth application on the surface with its water-free structure.



Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors Usage Areas

You may have products which are not the same height and this would create a trouble for you while in transportation or storage. Do not worry, there is a specific edge protector solution for the very reason. In this case, you would purchase sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors that protect the relevant goods in a such a way to be attached in different heights.

It is protective solution that is applied for not only for edges but also corners (angle) of the  product. In other words, sticking edge protectors enables to robust protection on both corners and edges.

Here is a sample for sticking edge protection application:

Sample for sticking corner (angle) protector:

Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors are vital for vertical protection, correct stowage, and strapping protection.

Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors Usage Areas

  • Vertical protection

It is used to hold products with its strong structure in situations that require vertical protection. Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors provide protection during transport by keeping pallets balanced. Increases pallet durability; It protects the product by preventing the products  from being crushed and dispersed and damaged. In short, vertical protection increases resistance.

  • Correct stacking

Sticking Corner (Angle) & Edge Protectors application is useful for correct and safe stacking and to avoid problems during transportation. It ensures that the product is stacked in the most optimum  area in packaging.

  • Protection on tying

This sticking corner (angle) & edge protectors can also be used to protect packages in conditions that require tying.

This self-sticking edge protector, as a corner stabilizer, can be used in different areas as needed. It is easy to apply and practical.

Technical Specifications of LARTON’s Sticking Edge Protectors

The below figure displays the technical specifications of Larton’s sticking edge protectors. As you can see, there is a wide range of dimensional options.

Sticking edge protectors obtained with hotmelt glue can be produced in edge protector machines in different thicknesses and lengths. Commonly, the wing width can be produced with a width of 40 mm x 40 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm, a product thickness of 4 mm to 5 mm and a length of 100 cm to 200 cm.

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