Professional Service in Paper and Packaging Production

Larton has over 30 years of experience in the industry with its co-company Sun-Ka. Larton, which exports to more than 20 countries, manufactures at international quality standards. Its high-capacity factory aims to further increase this success with its qualified human resources. Larton Ambalaj has a product range of sheet cardboards, edge protectors, metallize cardboard and slitting size grayboard. In the production of these, it works to meet the needs and requests of the customers in the best way. Larton, who determined to serve in the sector leader position as a vision, also invested in a new factory to improve packaging production. 



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With its products, Larton offers its customers professional service understanding, fast delivery and quality together. It does not compromise on quality while producing in sizes and numbers suitable for customer needs. The quality certificates it possesses also prove this.

Larton offers its customers the quality as soon as possible. Larton's customers do not have to wait long to achieve quality. In addition, they are not deprived of the quality they expect while demanding fast delivery. Because Larton employees consist of a professional staff that can manage time effectively. Working with professional service approach of Larton brings with it satisfied customers.

Production Approach From Respect To The Environment

To provide professionalism is fast delivery and quality together in paper production. Larton is a company that works with fast delivery and quality understanding. In addition to all these, Larton takes an environmental approach while continuing its activities to achieve quality. In addition to indispensable values such as employee safety and customer satisfaction, nature sensitivity is at the basis of its business philosophy for Larton.

While Larton follows new technologies and innovations in production, it acts with the awareness of its responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, it has determined its mission of "living again". With its professional production approach, Larton pays extra attention to producing recyclable products by standing against the exploitation of resources. In addition, there is an effort to raise the awareness of consumers with application suggestions combining paper and art in order to sustain the circular economy. You can read the recommendations mentioned by clicking here.

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