Paper and Art

Paper and Art

Apart from their industrial functions, papers and cardboard are also used as materials for art. Although we are generally used to using cardboard in industrial life and paper in education or business life, these products are also an art material. Larton Ambalaj demonstrates its ecological approach that is sensitive to the environment with its mission of “re-living”. Accordingly, it prefers to use recyclable materials instead of garbage and produces environmentally friendly products. All of the products are produced in accordance with quality standards by recycling and re-evaluation of waste papers. Based on this approach, we will talk about some art suggestions you can make with paper and cardboard, being aware of the importance of recycling.


Paper and Art - Origami

The art of paper folding, ie origami, allows us to create a wide variety of figures with paper. Different figures can be made according to the creativity of the person and you can use the paper you think to throw away while doing this. Origami is also an activity that not only adults but also children do to develop motor skills when they reach a certain age. Origami, which is both fun and creative, makes a significant contribution to recycling as it can be made from unused paper. Making art with paper instead of throwing it away is an important step in "reliving". You can perform this activity that combines art and recycling in a very practical way.

Paper Cups and Art

Realistic drawings on unused cardboard cups are called “cupart art”. Cupart is followed by many people today as a beautiful technique that turns recycling into a means of artistic expression. Pictures drawn on cardboard cups can be almost works of art. Used as the artist's canvas, cardboard cups can be displayed as decoration items in homes, workplaces and cafes. Attracting attention with both their creativity and originality, these cups seem to be a good way of evaluating unused cardboard cups.

The Art of Cardboard Packaging

It is possible to evaluate the unused, discarded cartons. Some people, with their talent and creativity, can design product packaging from unused cardboard. These packages, which can be designed in various ways according to the artist's preference, are among the best examples of recycling.

Art with paper and cardboard is an unlimited field like art itself. Depending on your creativity, it is possible to combine paper with art.

In a circular economy, resources are kept in a circulatory system for the longest possible phase of use. The materials are often used for several purposes and are returned over and over again in the recycling cycle. In this sense, paper and art contribute to the circular economy.


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