Packaging Certifications

Packaging Certifications

Larton, which is one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the sector, aims to provide professional service at every step from production to distribution and registers its superior quality and services manner with packaging certifications. It works to produce the highest quality packaging with high technology production machines. While trying to achieve all these business goals, Larton does not throw issues such as environment and work safety into the background. For this reason, Larton has passed all kinds of inspections and earned many certificates. Some of these are ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and FSC C143653 certificates.

Certification for Quality Assurance: Certification for ISO 9001

ISO 9001, which is put forward with an internationally valid management system understanding, determines an assurance that the product and service quality. Larton strives to deliver the highest quality products to its customers without sacrificing quality in production. Therefore, it has determined and documented an internationally recognized management system understanding.

Certification for Health and Safety: Certification for ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is a standard applied to minimize occupational accidents and diseases. Larton, which has maximum sensitivity to increase the occupational health and safety of employees, has been awarded with ISO 45001 Certificate. In Larton, occupational health and safety has a continuity that works in a sustainable way.

Do you consider cutting trees firstly when saying paper production? Our brand deeply care about recycling in production, knowing tree's value for oxygen and considering the future generations. We prefer eco-friendly and recovered materials for production and consume our sources consciously and carefully.

ISO Certification for Environment: ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 Certificate, which is related to environmental management, is a certificate applied to minimize the damage that businesses cause to the environment. Larton's understanding of sustainable production with recycling, which is defined as "relive", has been documented with ISO 14001 Certificate. Larton is aware of its environmental responsibility by using 100% recyclable materials in production. With this understanding of feeling responsible, Larton has been awarded the ISO 14001 Certificate.

FSC Certifications

FSC™ Certificate shows that forest products are used by companies in a controlled and proper manner. It gives explanatory information about the production, recycling and distribution of forest products to consumers. With the FSC™ logo and registration numbers on the purchased products, it is inferred that nature protection standards are applied, materials used originate form sustainable and legal sources and decent working conditions throughout the supply chain is valid. Larton was entitled to receive this certificate and passed the inspection of the control systems used in production, packaging and distribution processes. If you want to get more detailed information about FSC ™ Certificate, you can click here.

If you own a company that has environmental conscientiousness, you can inform consumers about the sustainable sourcing of paper/cardboard-based packaging solutions with LARTON.

If you need more detailed information about Larton, you can watch our 2021 Corporate promotional film.



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