Our Traditional Fast-Breaking Meal

The brothers Zeki and Levent Öztekin hosted the townspeople at the fast reaking meal which  they have made traditionaly every year. 
Sun-Ka Paper General Manager Zeki Öztekin and Larton Packaging General Manager Levent Öztekin and their father, Ayhan Öztekin, attended the dinner, thanked the guests for attending the dinner.

After the iftar, the program ended with the prayer of Mufti İbrahim Köksal.

Participants ;Governor Mitat Gözen, Chief Public Prosecutor Emrah Özge Yelken, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Behiç Akkaş and board members, Chairman of the Chamber of Merchants and Chamber of Craftsmen, Hakki Vargeloğlu, Chairman of the Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, District Mufti İbrahim Köksal, Director of National Education Mustafa Eryiğit, Director of Youth Center Esat Buğdaylı, managers of public institutions and organizations, as well as many businessmen and artisans.


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