Our Contributions to Ecological System

Larton Ambalaj is sensitive in maximum level by caring about the ecological system while producing helpful products for all the people. Our company works in accordance with the quality standards by recycling the papers with our ecological approach. The recycling processing the papers that we need for different areas in our daily life are pretty easy. Our brand attaches a great importance to recycling in the production by appreciating forests, the only oxygen source of the world, and taking into account the future generations. We prefer the eco-friendly and recovered materials. We achieve saving the energy by consuming the sources carefully and consciously. 

The papers collected and processed in Sun-Ka facilities, our group company, for reuse are utilized in our factory as main production material. The accumulated papers in our facilities are broken into small pieces by picking out their colour, writing and pattern factors. The papers are pulpified through the different processes for decomposing. Foreign materials are selected by using various technological tools for the emergence of the product in compliance with the quality standards. Many processes, including chemical and physical waste, are made ready for reproduction. The main condition for producing with the recovered material is to collect the resources correctly. Everyone should have a sense of responsibility to collect waste for recycling and deliver it to the necessary institutions.  In order to recycle the paper, we should evaluate our waste according to the classification system of the municipalities. 

As a result of our integration with Sun-Ka, we produce quality paper for our customers. We contribute to our environment by protecting our resources and nature by using the papers sent for recycling. In line with our Zero Waste and Relive values, we contribute to the economy with the papers we collect, classify, and evaluate from various sources.

Since we act with environmental awareness while producing in compliance with quality standards, we have been entitled to receive FSC certified certificate. While we offer you solutions that will make your daily life easier, we reduce the rate of waste in nature to a minimum. We are delighted with every ton of waste paper collected, as we clean our environment from 26,000 liters of garbage, contribute to saving 260 liters of water, and regain 790 kilograms of paper, and most importantly, save 17 adult trees.


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