On-time Delivery and Larton Quality


Quality in production all over the world with Larton! We bring together our product range with functional use in stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors with customer needs, and we offer just-in-time service to all over the world. With on-site and on-time delivery, we deliver without interrupting your business and as soon as possible.

Sunka Paper and Larton Packaging is a global company that provides services to the countries of the world, can produce on order and offer just-in-time delivery services. We determine customer needs correctly in our production, we meet you with quality production and just-in-time service.





Minimizing time-related problems is important in any business. Because time is precious for everyone and every business. It is also one of our main duties to deliver on the specified delivery dates.

Making deliveries at the designated location is just as important as time. We take care to deliver both at the designated place and at the specified time in order not to experience any problems with delivery places later on. Being aware of the value you place on your business, we, as Larton, make extra efforts to satisfy our customers at every stage of the order.

The Larton Difference in On-Time Delivery

Larton produces cardboard, edge protector, metallized cardboard and cardboard in rolls in Çorum and serves many countries in the country and abroad. Our company, which produces on a 50-decare land, sends products with direct delivery to every region in the country with its modern transportation network. It exports to Middle Eastern countries, Balkan countries, African countries and Arab countries, especially to European countries.


We work with the vision of contributing to the development of our country, especially our region, by serving as the leader of the sector in the country and abroad, with our professional team that thinks solution-oriented and manages time effectively. One of the key values of our business is to work with 100% customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and requests of our customers in the best way, based on our vision. For this, we strive to deliver on time to our customers wherever they are in the world. In addition, we offer the most suitable product to our customers by producing in special sizes and in special numbers according to customer demand.

You can contact our technical sales team for free sample request and detailed information.


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