Meaning of FSC™ (FSC™- C143653) Certificate

The FSC™ Organization, which operates worldwide as the Forest Stewardship Council, was founded in Germany in 1993.The FSC™ Organization serves as a non-governmental organization that conducts independent audits. According to the United Nations and World Food Agriculture Organization ""FAO"" reports, the vast majority of forests in the world are being destroyed. The FSC™ Organization has taken action with the mission of protecting forests, taking into account the reports of the United Nations and World Food Agriculture “FAO”. The FSC™ Organization is working towards the international nature conservation approach and the compliance of forest products with quality standards.

What is FSC™ Certificate and To Whom is it Given?

FSC™ Certification shows that companies use forest products in a controlled and legal manner. It gives explanatory information on the production, recycling and distribution of forest products to the consumer. It is understood that the nature protection standards are applied with the FSC™ logo and registration numbers on the purchased products. 
Companies that have been awarded with FSC™ Certificate have been inspected by the control systems they use in production, packaging, storage and distribution processes.

Where and How to Get FSC™ Certification?

FSC™ Organization conducts independent audits on companies engaged in production and sales activities in the forest products industry.  The FSC™ Organization authorizes companies to audit after setting standards for forest products.FSC™ Organization does not directly carry out audit work. Registration forms are filled in companies authorized to obtain FSC™ Certificate. The studies continue in the form of a process, with no exact date for inspection. Companies that are entitled to receive the FSC™ Certificate are announced on the official site in monthly periods. Regular checks continue throughout the process, with the FSC™ Certificate valid for 5 years. 

What are the Aims and Duties of the FSC™ Organization?

  • The FSC™ Organization aims to protect the environment and nature by actively participating in every stage of production.
  • The FSC™ Organization is working to balance the biodiversity and ecological system.
  • The FSC™ Organization acts with an international decision-making mechanism on forests.

FSC™ Organization has the duties of labeling forest products, setting quality standards, auditing and certification of companies.

The FSC™ Organization sets international standards for proper use of products for forest efficiency.

Larton Packaging and FSC™ Certification Process

Production reports, packaging, storage, shipment information, technical system features and financial records of our company have been meticulously examined by FSC™.

Larton Ambalaj, working with the awareness of protecting the environment and nature, went through independent audits and was awarded a certificate approved by FSC™ Organization.


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