Locked (Puzzled) Corner Protector Cardboards : Robust Protection to Corners - Application Guide

Locked (Puzzled) Corner Protector Cardboards

In this application guide article, it will be exemplified when and where to use locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards, which offer robust protection to corners.

Corner (angle) / edge protector cardboards are commonly used product protection solution all over the world. Corner (angle) / edge protector cardboards are designed to protect product edges, provide robust support for lengths of material and protect your goods from damages during shipping and warehousing. Corner protector cardboards, also called as cardboard angles, are protection solutions that provide robustness to the corners; in other saying, angles of palletized products.

What is cardboard angle >> link

Do no forget that the first and foremost objective in packaging is to protect packaged goods from external factors until it reaches the customer.

Affordable Corner (Angle)  / Edge Protector Cardboards from Larton Packaging

As Larton Packaging, we offer economical, practical, nature friendly and different corner (angle) and edge protector cardboard solutions with the aim of protecting your goods from damages during packaging, shipping and warehousing and optimizing the packaging time. We offer nature friendly solutions because our corner (angle) and edge protectors are made up of 100% recycled raw materials; we integrated our “relive” mission in all process. Corner (angle) and edge protector cardboards are the best packaging solutions in terms of cost benefit ratio. By the way, it is possible to take customized orders in accordance with your required dimensions and desired color palette. Larton Packaging offers a wide range of corner (angle) and edge protector cardboards in product portfolio such as kraft, wet-proof, locked, wrap around and sticking. Our nature friendly corner (angle) and edge protectors can be used in different sectors such as agriculture while in transmitting fresh fruits and vegetables, furniture, white goods, automotive.

Here is a guide revealing different sectorial usage areas of edge (angleboard) / corner cardboard protectors >>> link.

This article is concentrated on locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards which is the key for robust protection to corners.


When and Where to Use Locked (Puzzled) Corner Protector Cardboards

Locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards are the perfect packaging solution for when you have multiple products or pallets to be stacked during transportation and storage. Thanks to its puzzle shaped interpenetrating locking system, locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards offer easy and alternative feasibility solution. This situation is mostly experienced in especially the white goods and electronics sectors. You may need to pile refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers pallets for transit and warehouse. In this case,  Larton’s locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards enable to stabilize your pallet by increasing pallet resistance and prevent smashing and scattering damages during loading, shipment and storage and this facilitates secure transportation and storage.

Also, you may have small light boxes including electronics stacked on a pallet, here locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards can enable to hold the cartons together on the pallet in a secure way. Furthermore, locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards can be integrated into the furniture frame to prevent the corner of the table, cupboard, corner chair from being worn out. Thus, using locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboard will definitely protect the products from physical effects such as hitting and injury and the longevity of the furniture increases.

Advantages and Features of Larton’s Locked (Puzzled) Corner Protector Cardboards

  • reduces the product damages
  • protects vertical corners, horizontal corners and top corners
  • prevents corner damages
  • keeps the loads safer
  • increases the beam strength of pallets
  • enhances the pallet stabilization and reduce stretching damages
  • Correct stowage: provides space saving through pilling 2 or 3 pallets on top of each other
  • excellent alternative for wooden packaging
  • can be used for products of all sizes (furniture, pallets, boxes, tables, etc.)
  • can be recycled 100%, is reusable and decomposable biologically
  • production without any wastage
  • easy to apply
  • light material
  • high resistance
  • affordable pricing


Here is the customization opportunities of locked (puzzled) corner protector cardboards that Larton offers:

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