Cardboard Rolls - Application Guide

In this application guide article, cardboard rolls, which are one the most commonly used  items in paper packaging industry will be promoted.

When Cardboard Rolls are Required? Where to Buy Cardboard Rolls?

If cardboard is a raw material in your production stage, our final products may not be suitable for you. For this purpose, as Larton Packaging, we also supply cardboard rolls, which can perfectly fit with your production. We produce plenty of cardboard rolls. Larton Packaging offers Gray Cardboard in Roll, Testliner Cardboard in Roll and Kraftliner Cardboard in Roll. To get information about what is the difference between kraftliner and testliner , take a glance at this article.

Assuming you are a purchasing agent in one of the below sectors, you’ll probably need to purchase cardboard rolls:

  • Cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • Cardboard paper tower rolls
  • Cardboard rolls for crafts
  • Cardboard rolls home depot
  • Cardboard rolls sheet mulching
  • Cardboard rolls floor protection
  • Cardboard rolls for landscaping
  • Cardboard rolls for shoe boxes, luggage, bag and belt
  • Cardboard rolls for helmet pipe (Bobbin) & drum manufacturers
  • Cardboard rolls in textile industry (mold cardboard etc.),
  • Cardboard rolls in stationery (Folder, file, notebook, agenda, calendar, puzzle manufacturers etc.)

By the way, Larton Packaging has different kinds of cardboards, which are Sheet Cardboards (various types: Laminated Cardboard, White Cardboard, Black Cardboard, Testliner & Kraftliner Cardboard, and Gray Cardboard), Metallized CardboardSlitting Size Grayboard generally our products find application area for stationery, food, furniture, printing and packaging sectors.

Larton Offers Recycled Cardboard Rolls

Briefly, it is possible to purchase cardboard rolls from Larton Packaging and Sun-Ka Paper group companies, who have more than 30 years experience in paper packaging industry. Colored cardboard rolls can be acquired from us. In addition, we are capable of providing slitting size grey board in line with your needs. In accordance with the customer needs, the density of cardboard rolls can be produced in the range of 290 - 480 gr/m2 and their width is from 5 cm to 22 cm. The diameter of the cardboard rolls can be maximum 127 cm.

Do not forget that our cardboard rolls are made of 100% recycled paper with Relive Mission. Because of that Larton’s cardboard rolls are quite economical solutions.

Our product catalog may guide you about  specialities and technical specifications of Larton’s product category. Fill the form and get your slitting size grayboard offer now here. Indeed, you can request free sampling please contant with our technical sales team .


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